Are you a market gardener but do not have soil to sow your seeds?

Have you DREAMED of gardening in Zone 2?

Do you love a challenge, and love to work in co-operation with others?

Wildwood Farm is looking for an individual or a couple to garden approximately 1 acre of land on our farm. 

Market Garden

Feast your eyes on photos of old photos from market gardens past!

What could this partnership look like?

What Wildwood has to offer:
~ 1 acre of garden space, rent-free
Good quality compost
Labour at peak weeding & harvesting time
Some space in family greenhouse for early starts
Some trays & pots
Veggie shed for washing, drying, & packing
Support with horse cultivation if desired
Some help with marketing and customer base
Shared accommodations in the common farm house (sleeping, cooking, bathing)
Access to farm food (for independent & shared meals)
Sense of community and shared vision for co-operative agriculture



Gardener(s) must have:
Previous experience in market gardening
Transportation to the market/for deliveries
Most tools/equipment/seeds needed for market garden operation (we have small collection of garden tools available)
Low power use & electrical needs (this is an off-grid farm)

Cleaning onions in the veggie shed

Expectations of Gardener(s):
Provision of vegetables for the farm crew (3 – 8 people)
Some labour and contribution to other farm chores, especially during haying season
Desire to work in Co-operation with other farmersRead through Wildwood’s website to gain an understanding of the larger vision
Be in agreement with Wildwood’s Terms and Conditions for farm residents 
Go through goal-setting and visioning with Wildwood farmers
Present a garden planFarm visit with the farmers of Wildwood prior to the beginning of the season


Anticipated Rewards:
Space to experiment, play, and build your business
Revitalize a sluggish market
Be part of a community of learners and farmers
Possibility of involvement in co-creating the Wildwood Co-operative
Possibility of expanding the garden
Anticipated Challenges:
We had a successful small CSA and booth at the farmers market in Dawson Creek for several years. While we managed the market, it was growing and lively, but we have not been involved in the market now for 10 years. Work will need to be done to revitalize the local market in Dawson Creek (~25 minutes from the farm).
Minimal irrigation – there is a small dugout uphill of the garden, but would require a solar pump to move water.



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