Hi. We’re Tim and Linda Ewert.

Quite Nicest

We came to this area as a young couple with two babies to build our own farm from scratch. We had very little money but lots of energy and big dreams for a beautiful, sustainable, and healthy farm where we could raise our family and live in a place that still had natural wild areas.

We have tried to farm in an ecologically sound and sustainable way, believing that we must be careful not to remove more than we return. Over the years, we worked to realize our dream of using draft horses for as much of our mechanized work as possible. This has reduced our fuel consumption significantly, and we have the resulting rich source of fertilizer. Working with horses has helped keep us grounded to the land by setting a non-industrial pace. We have documented our teams throughout the years; watch below to see how horse power has been used at Wildwood.

We currently raise grass-fed cows, pastured pigs, and free-range chickens for eggs and meat. We milk a couple of dairy cows, and grow annual and perennial gardens for our fruits and vegetables. In trying to keep nutrient and life cycles continuous on our farm, we grow the grain for the pigs and chickens on farm, and grind some of it into flour for ourselves. The hay that our cows and horses require in the winters is from Wildwood pastures. We have a small apiary to add a touch more sweetness to the farm.

Our buildings have been crafted using local materials, often sourced from the forest on our land. Though we have always been off-grid, in 1995 we purchased a small solar array so that we can capture a renewable resource to supply our modest power needs.


Life is not separate from death, and in honoring this continuum, we have established a legal, private cemetery on our farm. Along with ourselves, members of our family and a few other members of our cemetery association wish to be buried here. It is a “green” cemetery, and we would hope it will be respected in perpetuity.

Creating and nurturing Wildwood Farm has taught us much patience and has given us insight into the lost artistry of farming on a small scale. We would be happy to be able to share this way of life with other committed, hard working, joyful people.

And perhaps, this is where you come in.

We have a love and understanding of this farm and we would dearly love to see other people be able to carry on farming and producing healthy nutritious products for their families and their customers. Our three children love the farm, but they have all chosen to live in other parts of the province.

Farm succession can happen in many ways, but ultimately, we would like to create a model for older farmers who wish to retire in place on their farms while providing an opportunity for new farmers to access land more affordably. We would also like this to be a model for people to work well together, and for experienced farmers to be able to share their knowledge and their skills as well as land to promote healthy farms and vibrant communities for the future. Please visit The Future of Wildwood Farm to learn more about our vision.

If this interests you, please visit our Join the Wildwood Team page.