We live in the Peace River District in British Columbia.

What goes on here?

Urban Centres
The nearest town to our farm is the village of Pouce Coupe, which is a 15 minute drive. Dawson Creek, population 13 000, is a 25 minute drive away and has all services available, including an airport. As well, Dawson has an art gallery, community college, large events centre, arts centre, high school, shopping centre, and a provincially inspected certified organic meat slaughter and processing plant. Dawson Creek used to be mainly an agricultural and forestry town, but much more industrialization, including oil and gas activity, has occurred over the years.

Our farm is approximately an hour from Grande Prairie (population 64 000) and 6 hours from Edmonton.

Demmitt is a 20 minute drive, and hosts many community and cultural events at its beautiful timberframe, straw-bale hall, including music concerts, workshops, documentary screenings, dances, potlucks, yoga classes, and pub nights.

Agriculture & Climate
Most of the agriculture in the region is extensive grain growing and ranching. Our farm is not typical of the local agriculture as it is only ¼ section (160 acres) and is diversified, rather than specialized. We integrate livestock, cropping, and gardening, and we direct market our products.

We are considered to be in climate zone 2, although we can grow many plants that are rated for zone three. With changes in the climate—more intense in the north, we may see different opportunities and challenges in the future. We are situated at latitude 56.5 degrees. The growing season is short and intense with very long days, and winter is long with very short days.